August Monthly Chicken Financials

 In the black again!!  Gotta love that, now if only I was positive for the whole year.    I made $10.84 for the month on an average 21.3 hens laying (some of my teenagers started laying so I have been adding them in).  (for the year my net income is –$8.45/month.  I had $39.66 in expenses all feed.    For the year, my monthly expenses are $53.04.  We collected a total of 317 usable eggs (31 less than last month) averaging 11.5 eggs/day collected (for the year the average is 11.7).  The chickens ate 0.56#food/egg (for the year are averaging 0.67#/egg)    In August it cost $0.11/egg or $1.32/doz for feed (my yearly average is $0.15/egg or $1.80/dozen.  This is a penny an egg better this month.) 

I went out to the wood shed today and found another stash of eggs!!  There were 10 eggs in one nest and a small loner egg off by itself.  So I had to reattach the chicken wire over the door.  This should stop the 10 egg hen.  Of course those 10 eggs were all huge!  I had to throw them against the tree stump for the chickens to eat tomorrow.  I had to let one hen out of the live trap.  She had gotten stuck after tripping the trap.  Guess she should have left the dog food alone.  I bought 100# of food today at the feed store, so as I was unloading it, I got a whiff of my water job.  Not such a good idea.  Yes, the dust was down drastically inside the coop, but the ammonia smell was awful.  So I had to open up the door and clean the cob webs off of one window to get more air circulating.  It was much better after I got all the feed unloaded.  

The sheep are not cooperating with my mowing plans.  They keep sneaking out of the yard.  It rained for 18 hours straight yesterday and today.  We have plenty of rain for the next week.  

Annmarie has a display at the local fabric/craft store now.  She is selling baby booties.  She is very excited and works on them every night.  Here is a picture of the first batch she hung up for sale.

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