New Year musings

Well it is official, we are really in the sheep business now.  Annmarie finished our new registration form to send out to buyers of our sheep.  I just addressed and stamped the very first one.  Very nice.  Of course we won’t have any more lambs for sale until our sheep squeeze out more lambs.  Our two pregnant mothers are huge.  Their bellies look like they are going to start dragging on the ground any day now.  So we expect them to give birth this month.  Now we expected that last month, but those bellies cannot get much bigger so I will go out on a limb and state that it WILL happen this month.  We will keep buying a few more ewes this year to enlarge the herd.
Our back creek is still running.  It had started to freeze over in the subzero weather we were having.  Today it warmed up over freezing for the first time in 10 days.
Sarah just about has her room painted.  The blue turned out very nice.  She is retouching the edges of the chair rail I am going to install this weekend.  We wouldn’t let her paint the walls black so we compromised with a black chair rail.  There is a small piece of ceiling trim to touch up also, but we needed the wall paint to dry so we could apply masking tape.  The amazing part is I am finally going to be able to finish installing her window trim pieces.  I have had the two pieces to install under the window sill since we moved into the house, but I had to patch the sheetrock first.  I just finished texturing and priming before she painted.  It turned out very nice.  I will post a picture after it is all finished.

I had to remove the top trim on the entertainment center to get it into the library.  It was a very tight fit!
I did remember to reinstall the trim once it was safely ensconced in its new location. 

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