sheep folly

I am sitting here on the computer laughing at teenager angst.  We have a young ram, Lucky, who is 7 months old.  He has been learning the ropes from our older ram.  All the ropes except how to actually mount a ewe.  All our female ewes used to be quite a bit larger than him.  Plus, they are all pregnant.  We managed to successfully integrate the five new ewe lambs and they are out running around the pasture.  The snow melted enough that we let them come out of the barn lot.  Those lambs are quite small.  Almost half the size of our larger ewes.  So Annmarie and I figured they were still babies.  I don’t think so now.  Lucky is out there trying to mount the poor little dark ewe.  He just won’t leave her alone.  But every time he gets up on her he quits paying attention to his surroundings and our adult ram runs up and butts him in the side with his head thereby knocking Lucky off of the ewe and back three feet.  But like any adolescent boy he just gets back up on that ride.  This keeps playing out over and over again.  The ewe finally ran off and everyone ran after her.  Sheep are not supposed to go into heat until they are at least six months old.  So maybe they are just tiny sheep.

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