babies? I wish

Well one of our sheep finally figured out how to give birth!  I went out yesterday morning to let the sheep out and there was a brand new baby in the straw, momma still had cord hanging out and had not passed the placenta yet.  For all  those curious souls out there, each baby lamb has its own placenta usually.  So we waited for her to pass that afterbirth and have another lamb.  It was not to be.  We got one little baby, a boy. (I was hoping for twins every time!)  We kept momma in the barn for the day to let the baby nurse as much as possible without having to chase momma down.  When I went out this morning I caught the baby and got my snuggles in.  Nothing like a three pound ball of fuzz that is 18 inches tall.  I will post pictures tomorrow.
Sarah and I spent all day yesterday finishing her room.  We installed the chair rail (painted black) and finished all the touch up paint, then rearranged all the furniture.  I still need to hang all the pictures and butterflies on her wall and we are going to install some sheet metal squares on the wall to use as magnetic/dry erase boards.  It turned out very well.  She did a great job.  We let her paint her mirror frame, and she is going to stain her two shelves and paint a small display stand (black of course).  She still has to decide whether to stain the shelves black or dark blue.  It turned out so well that Annmarie and I have already decided we are not going to change the color when she leaves and goes to college.  We like it!!  Well it just started snowing and I have places to be.  Pictures tomorrow.

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