Closing in on the end of garbage can/outhouse

It rained again yesterday.  That should be no surprise as it has rained every day here, cold and rain.  No new change.   I had to precut the door frame inside the house.  My saw is installed on the breeze porch (wife doesn’t like this, but it sure is handy) so I cut the pieces in relative comfort.  I had to open the breeze porch windows because I kept setting off the smoke detector in the hallway “FIRE, FIRE!” it screams when it goes off.  Sarah was not impressed as it kept interrupting her TV show.  Those knots heat up when you cut through them.   So I put on my oil skin hat with the ear flaps and went outside and worked on the building.  After dragging the frame out to the front porch I assembled it.  Of course I cut the angles on the two short pieces wrong.  After cutting two more pieces I had a frame.  I slapped in the extra pieces in two corners of the frame.  I figured it couldn’t hurt.  After moving the frame to the road next to the building I realized that I needed to trim out the front of the building before I could install the door.  So I did that in the rain.  I cut the boards for the door frame and mounted them.  Now I wanted to install a wooden latch.  I used a piece of 3/4 inch dowel that I mortised in on itself to form a handle and slide.  I needed it to rest on the horizontal support and needed to cut a notch in the front, drill a hole in the door and then drill another hole in the building.  So after much finagling I managed to the latch installed.  I installed some temporary stops in the doorway and positioned the door into the frame.  Used scrap wood on the ground to lift the door to the desired height and installed the hinges.  Now comes the tricky part, I needed to close the door to work on the latch.  I had to go inside the enclosure and shut the door, I drilled the hole and it worked!  The latch closes and holds the door shut.  To keep the latch mechanism in place I  cut out some supports and a stop so the handle didn’t take all the wear and tear.  Again I shut myself inside the enclosure, locked it and installed the supports.  I couldn’t get out.  I had locked myself in.  I had to remove the temporary door stops and this gave me some wiggle room on the door and I managed to move the latch enough to let myself out.  Annmarie told me this is why I should carry a cell phone so I can call for help when I need it.  My reply was I managed to get out so it wasn’t that bad.

Inside of outhouse door
Here is the mostly completed door.
I still need to install the seam strips
between the boards and do my cutouts.

Here is the latching mechanism and stop

If you look at the outside pictures of the building you will be able to see the bird perches I installed below the bird entrance holes.  I am going to cut out a moon and stars in the front door and some crosses in each side.  This will let the air move through the building so the smell doesn’t get trapped inside.  So I figure another three hours to totally finish this project.  I usually peter out on a project at this stage, 90% completed.  But I am sticking it out and getting it done!!

This is the unfinished side.  It still needs the
seam slats installed.  The bird holes and perches
are visible.  

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