Still not done… but almost…

Well it did not rain today!  It was windy and cold but no rain.  I went out and worked on the outhouse/garbage can holder.  I finished the trim and cut out both crosses for ventilation.  This turned out to be harder than I thought it would be as I do not own a jigsaw, instead I used a Rotozip.  Rotozips are not known for their precision.  It was quite the adventure to attempt to get straight lines.  I broke my hole drill so the hardware store was kind enough to supply me with a spade bit the appropriate size.  Unfortunately, I was drilling through half boards and had to switch back to the broken hole drill after starting it with the spade bit.  It worked and I got it done, but it took considerably longer.  I had estimated three hours to completion the other day.  I spent four more hours on it today and I still need to cut out the moon and one star in the front door.  So according to Annmarie (2-3 times my estimate= 6-9 hours) I am right on schedule for completion.

Front side all trimmed out, just need
the moon and a star.  

I must have done something right as both crosses managed to line up!
The wind does move through quite readily with just these on the sides,
adding the moon and star on front should give us great ventilation.
NO trash smell in the Summer.

Annmarie and I spent all day Saturday at an auction.  It had been a decade at least since we had been to one.  We forgot that it is an all day event.  We did manage to get a few great snags.  We got two old cast iron irons (yes the kind you use to iron clothes) and a handle!  Picked up a couple of beautiful cobalt blue Salt and Pepper shakers.  I picked up four old leg traps for $9.  These got me to thinking what to do with them (after Annmarie asked me what I was going to do with them).  I am going to put nails on the outside of one side of the chicken coop and hang all the traps from them as decoration/warning to all the predators to stay away from my chickens.  I bought 50 1943 steel pennies.  Yep, totally unnecessary but I couldn’t pass them up.  I got three shovels for $5 each.  Annmarie bought a cabbage slicing board (I don’t know why, she doesn’t like coleslaw or sauerkraut).  She bought a manual crank old fashioned ice cream maker, but it had been added to a lot of four other boxes but the price was right at $2.  We ended up getting some classic books in hardback and Sarah is going to read them.  We got  a cool rooster salt and pepper shaker, but the salt shaker was missing.  I liked it anyway and am going to keep it.  We ended up getting three more boxes of vases for $2 while I was paying our tab.  I had to go back and give them more money.  Good thing we were running out of room in the car!

Some of our auction finds

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