I am temporarily winning the battle

One day after it rained.  Luckily it didn’t rain this day. 

The sheep cannot get out of the ram pasture and barn lot now and are not real happy with this arrangement.  Even though, the area, they are trapped in has grass almost 10 inches high every where.  The grass truly is greener on the other side in their minds.  It is still raining all the time here so I have been having a hard time finding a couple of dry days to mow the lawn.  I managed to squeeze it in today, but it took an extra hour due to all the moisture in the grass.

Barn egg stash, these got recycled no
telling how old they were. 

Annmarie found an egg stash again in the old barn, one of the green egg layers was hiding in a corner under a bunch of tumble weeds and laying eggs.  I found 13 green eggs and a couple of random brown eggs three feet away.  I took all the tumble weeds back outside and piled some stuff in the nest, plus when I caught her on the nest I chased her out of the barn.  Hopefully, she will go back to laying in the chicken coop.  If not then I will have to lock the chickens in the chicken yard for a couple of days to help her forget about her barn nest.

We got our cattle guard welded back together.  It was very fast!  I just went and talked to the welder last week.  Luckily, he had another job out near here yesterday so he stopped by and fixed us up also.  It looked like the snow plow caught the support and sheared it off.  Now I have to put some new support boards up.  While I was talking to the repairman he mentioned that he heard we had sheep.  I said there will be two lambs for sale this Fall and he is welcome to come choose one.  He said he would come out!!  Very nice and I have one other person at work very interested.  The repairman owns a local metal fabricating shop that we drive by on our way home.  He has had several rolls of old sheep fencing there on occasion.  He informed me that he is the owner of the scrap metal yard now and he would sell me that wire for 25 cents/pound.  Far cheaper than I could buy new and it has lots of life left in it.  I told him I would take 1000 feet for starters.  That is going to save me a bunch of money on fencing!!

More clouds.  I liked them. 

I also need to burn and spray some weeds.  I will try and burn as much as I can then spray what is left over.  I am starting to think about marking the posts and railroad tie holes for the new fence also.  I think I will do that this weekend!!  I am starting to get closer.

Sheep are starting to shed their Winter wool.  The little brown one in the center of the picture is all done
and he looks like a goat!!  They thought we were going to give them a treat.  You can see our
shadows in the bottom left of the picture.  

The sheep are starting to look pretty ragged.  They are all shedding their Winter wool.  The goat look is coming around.

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