Fencing is on again

I was wandering around the farm taking
fence pictures and noticed the moon
was out already, so I took a few pictures.

Well, I should have started fencing a month ago, but the weather is not committing to my time line.  Now if I was a multimillionaire I would not have to work full time and might have managed to squeeze in some work before now, but alas, that is not the case.

Sarah and I went out and marked all the new metal fence post, railroad tie post and gate positions for the three new sections of fence yesterday.  We even managed to put in eight metal posts.  Today the child thinks she is dying because her arms and back are aching (she is off light duty now after her four month illness, so she really is out of shape).  I explained to her that I hurt also, but I would be right back at it today.  Other wise nothing would ever get done.  I am not sure she appreciated the sentiment, but maybe in ten years she will understand it.  I am going to install two 12 foot gates and one 14 foot gate.

Machine shop trying to capture the moon. 

 I will reroute the drive in access to the upper pasture around the barn lot.  In the Winter we end up with huge ruts from the lessee driving through the lot.  So the new road will follow the CRP field and cut into the pasture above the barn lot.  There is already a road there just not a gate.  Once that is in place I can work on filling in the ruts and not having them return every year.

Some of the sheep are starting to smooth out by shedding their Winter coats.  In my reading I have noticed that animals can be bred for temperament.  I understand that to some degree, but until you see it in person it is hard to conceptualize.  If you look closely at this picture of our sheep you will see an adult ewe way in the background.  She is crazy, flighty and won’t ever let us get near her.  The lamb near her is her very first, now she is teaching that lamb to be just like her.  That is why it is not up with everyone else.  So she may have to go next year.  I don’t want a small group of wild outliers that are hard to work.

Upper pasture gate area.  In the distance, up in the tree,
you can see the red tailed hawk nest.  I had to make the gate
go in on the right side of the power pole.  The pole was
right were I wanted to locate the fence, but I didn’t figure the
power company would have any sympathy for my wants.
Upper pasture fence line, the fence turns left at the dirt colored line.
That line is the back creek bank, you just cannot see the water.

Sheep wanting some more attention.  See the crazy ewe way in the background with her lamb.  

The barn looking into the setting sun.  My favorite picture of the night.
Annmarie thinks the foreground ruins it.  I told her it just added
character, besides how many people know it is over 50 years
of sheep shit that got dug out last year?  See, character!

New access road to the upper pasture.  You can see where
the road is even though no one uses it any more.
Orchard fence, I had to jog the fence at the irrigation ditch, I could
not get across the ditch diagonally, so I had to make a straight line.
It means a couple more railroad ties in the ground. 


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