New additions

Meet Meeka (the gray) and Mahogany (the bay). They are the newest Stewart Creek Somethings.

Steve informed me earlier this month that he was ready for me to really start looking at horses, so I proceeded to search and make contact. I wasn’t finding anything within his price range, and was prepared to search most of the summer. He came home, sat down at the computer, and found 3 separate offerings, all closer than anything I had located. One sounded really good after initial contact, so I drove down last weekend to take a look. What I found were two young but very well mannered and well-started Arabian mares. Yes, I purchased them. No, we don’t own a horse trailer. Luckily, I know people and one of those people offered to help out. Tonight was the night we agreed on to pick up the horses. After a little adventure that involved a slipped lead-rope latch (my fault) and a very stubborn young mare who did not want to get into the trailer, we made it home. We turned them into the small pen, and they have settled right down and are munching away. Of course, now I have two horses and only one saddle. Anyone got a saddle they want to sell?

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