Given up on yard…

This is my wounded rooster, he is on the mend!

The weather has conspired against me.  Our yard is over 18 inches tall.  I cannot get a push mower through it due to the rain arriving every other day like clockwork.  Since the Winter was especially hard on everything we just decided today to go old school.  Yup, we locked the sheep up in our yard.  Those 17 critters are staying in the yard until the grass is below 6 inches.  They are already complaining to get out, but they have a job to do and they are not getting out until it is done!

I figure about 6 days to clean up the yard.

See our yard really is tall

I met the horses today.  Amazingly people friendly, I (complete stranger) walked over to the loading pen and they came right over and greeted me and let me pet on them.  Very calm and well mannered.  I was amazed.

More baby chicks arrived today.  I picked up another 25 babies (12 buff orpingtons and 13 Easter eggers (mutts)), so Sarah and I had to dig the baby area out, clean out everything, lay in new bedding and fire up the heat lamp so they would not get cold.  Now if I could only catch whatever is killing my chickens.

I did a nighttime security check after dark, locked and loaded!  I thought I heard something when I was on the computer.  I did not find anything, but my chicken butler is still on the fritz.  I worked on it today, but there is a limit switch that is mounted too low and it keeps blocking the door from falling down.  I emailed tech support tonight so hopefully we can get it worked out soon.  I did lock the coop up manually.

25 three day old baby chicks

This is the weekend for fencing.  I have four more days off work and I already reserved a post hole digger for tomorrow afternoon.  Sarah and I remarked again today as the cows had moved all our flags.  We also placed the gates in the right spot so I drill holes correctly.  I started moving railroad ties to their future homes right before dark.  I just grab 2-3 ties with a chain and use a redneck tractor (pickup) to drag them to their future resting spots.  On a plus note, we did purchase a small tractor (23 hp) for use on the farm with all the implements I would need to get things moving, but it won’t arrive until mid August.  So I am still having to rent a tractor a couple of times this Summer.

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