Farm 6, Predators 15

Well we are slowly gaining ground.  Another raccoon off to the big blue sky.  We ended up with another family it looks like, so until they are all gone, then the chickens will keep disappearing.  This happened two years ago, but I happened to catch the family outside during the daylight and capped six at once so I got ahead of the game that year, doesn’t look like that is going to happen this time.

I did go out and lock the chickens up in the electrified chicken yard.  I also spent another hour organizing my tool room in the old house.  It was starting to really get out of control.  I was having a difficult time finding tools, so I figured it was time to organize.  I went out and bought a bunch of see through containers and am currently organizing the room.  I hung some stuff on the walls today and added in another shelf.  I may move one of the shelving units.

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