Organizing tool shed

Porch is starting to pile up with stuff that needs to disappear.

I went back out to the shed today and decided that I needed some peg board up on the wall.  I measured for the board and cut it and all the sundry underlying supports.  The problem with this is I changed my mind about how I was going to organize the space.  I started moving the shelving units all over the place.  I even took one six foot tall 2 ftx4 ft and made it into 2 three feet tall shelves next to each other.  I am going to take a large piece of plywood and place it across the top to make a work surface.  I can mount my drill, sander and scroll saw to this table and actually use them!!!  Very cool concept.  I may even hook up all three to my shop vac so I can have a dust collection system going.  I will need to move my shop vac out of the house next week anyway.  I have the duct work for a dust collection system already.

I did manage to hit my shop light and break out the bulb.  So I may have to adjust the location of this light and definitely need to raise it.  Of course with no light there will be no nocturnal progress made on the shed.

New work bench, needs a new top but you can see how it going
to work out, my scroll saw is already claiming a space.  The far
wall on the left side of the window is going to be pegboard. 

It is better now even with being torn up.  I have taken out five bags and
one box of trash.  The trash guys are in for a big surprise.
that wooden shelving unit next to the plastic buckets is
going to be mounted on the wall to the right of the window.
I just need to add in a bottom and top support. 

  I also ended up moving my pegboard to a separate wall and am going to move an old cabinet over to its spot and mount it to the wall.  I did remove an old work top/shelving unit that was original in the old house when I cleaned it out the first time.  It is just too tall to work on.

I got the deal of the century today.  I have been talking to the scrap metal yard owner about saving woven wire fencing for me.  I picked up 450# of new looking woven wire (I mean this stuff is brand new, no rust, bright metal color).  It is amazing stuff.  I cannot believe that anyone would rip it out.  I would be good for another 20-30 years!  I just looked up the fence type and I ended up with almost 600 feet of fencing or $0.167/foot.   An amazing price!  I asked for another pickup load and I will have my fencing needs met.  Now if only it would build itself…

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