No go on the bridge

My help got hired back to his job so now the bridge has to wait for a month.  Glad he is employed again, sad the bridge is going to take a little longer.  I will get over it as it will still be finished by the end of Summer and it was on the list of Summer projects.  I will still meet my goal.

Annmarie and Sarah are going out and working with the horses first thing in the morning (0630).  Yes, that is really early.  I have to agree, since I was up already I worked on the tool shed.  I wanted to get the shelving unit installed on the wall.  There was a 48 inch space and the shelving unit was 48 inches wide.  Did I mention that this was going to go in a corner or that I only took one measurement?  I installed the 2×4 onto the wall that the unit would sit on and attempted to get the unit in place.  Not happening, it was too big.  I had to move the old Dewalt radial arm saw out of the way and start with the unit about 14 inches higher than it needed to be.  I beat the unit back in with a large rubber mallet then attempted to shove it down.  No go.  It would not budge.  I used a four foot chunk of 2×4 against the ceiling and the top of the cabinet and got it to move down about three inches before it got stuck again.  I went out and got a eight foot 2×4 and some scraps of wood to put on top of the cabinet as I levered it down with the eight foot lever.  I got it in place.  It held with no screws!!  I did add screws and another 2×4 to the top so I could screw from inside the shelf into the 2×4.  Annmarie came out to check on me and I had been at it over three hours.  So I am making progress on the tool shed, it is just taking time.  I am going to build the table top next so I can mount my drill, sander and scrollsaw.  It will be made out of 2×4 on each shelf section, then a full sheet of OSB then about 2-3 chunks of one inch plywood (scrap) it will be 4×8 feet long.  Should be pretty sturdy.

Baby twin boys born last night

We had more sheep babies again last night.  Annmarie came in the house to get me because one of the mothers was worrying at the side of the barn.  The baby sheep can get under the wooden rails.  I will fix this when I do the barn repair.  So we went up there and new babies!!  There were twin baby boys from one of our two very friendly ewes.  Cute little buggers.

Baby chicks not enjoying their enforced outside
Original chicken ramp, one loose board on the chicken landing. 

For the afternoon Sarah and I cut down all the thistles in the barn lot and ram pasture.  Sarah did most of the work, I was the quality control and difficult to reach chopper.  While she did that I worked on a new chicken ramp for the babies.  I have been needing this for a while and the babies are old enough to come out if they can be convinced it is safe.  So I just threw them all out of the coop after I finished it.  They need some encouragement.  Sarah had to catch them and put them back in the coop at dark.

New chicky ramp.  I even put hardware cloth on the ramp so
 they could get a grip when going up and down the ramp.
 Heck, I even cut angles with my hand skilsaw.  

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