Stripping sucks

Backside of closet door, getting yellow color off.

Bedroom door mid stripping.

Closet door frame

I fully appreciate why I had not stripped the paint off of any wood before now.  I spent another five hours scraping on two doors and two door frames.  That is not a very large surface to attempt to clean paint from.  It is taking forever.  The truly lousy part is I have to wear kitchen gloves to keep the cleaner off of my hands.  Kitchen gloves are no protection from large splinters.  I screamed like a little girl this afternoon when a splinter went into my finger.  Annmarie (who is home sick) ran upstairs because she thought I had amputated something.  In my defense, the splinter went directly under my fingernail!  I spent so much time scraping and washing that I did not get a coat of mud on the walls.  So tomorrow first thing I finish the mudding.  I only need one more coat to be totally done.  Then I can texture and paint the room. I did manage to get the worst side of the closet door completely done and started on the backside.  The backside has some kind of yellow stain or diluted paint.  I am ready to work on the toilet just to get away from the paint stripping.  I have filled a large paper bag 1/4 full of just paint scrapings. 

I was reminded again today why, on a farm, you always close the gates.  When I went out to feed I left the yard gate open and when I returned from walking to the mail box (1 mile round trip) I left the front yard gate open.  The sheep got out.  I went out and opened the pen gate and only about half of them figured out how to get back in.  The rest didn’t return until I rang the cow bell to put them in at night (cow bell means food so they come running).  Still no babies.  Two different ewes are developing filled out udders, but Annmarie tells me that can happen two weeks before the babies.  I wrestled with #3 boy and weighed him on the scale.  He weighs 90#.  This seems to be our slaughter weight.  So I will contact my buyer and let her know that her lamb is ready.  Live weight cost is still around $2/#.  I am only going to charge $125 for this one and then just stabilize the price at $140/animal.  I have lost track of how many boys there are left.  I think six but I will have to consult our records to be sure.  Maybe seven counting the new baby. 

I did install the laundry room window casing today.  I didn’t cut or get any ready for the outside yet.  I needed some dimensions first and that would not happen until the casing was installed.

Laundry room window before trim.
Central trim done, needs external.

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