Laundry room trimming

Crawl space above laundry room.

 I worked exclusively on the Laundry room today.  I had to fish out some old trim that I had stashed in the ceiling.  Of course, it all still had nails in it.  I dug around and found enough old trim to trim out the crawl space and the back door.  I did manage to get all the nails out without too much difficulty.  I was cutting out spacing material from the 3/8 plywood so I just cut a panel while I was at it.  When I get the laundry room a little more completed I will touch everything up again with linseed oil. 

Some of the wood trim was kinda beat up, but it definitely adds flavor and fits in with the rest of the house.  I only had to make a few extra trips out to the saw to trim boards.  I couldn’t find anything long enough to go around the back door, so I had to improvise. 

Thursday is plumbing day.  I will have to start early so I can make at least two trips to the hardware store. 

Back door before trim

Stair step trim to make it all fit.

Back door all trimmed out

Laundry room window trim completed

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