Fire casualities

fire extinguished the first time, one can see how I thought it was out.

A little blurry, but you can get the flame idea.

Annmarie went out and took some pictures of the fire damage.  I thought I would post them for future reference.  Again, I was sick and I usually don’t burn up more than one or two posts…

This is just a stay, and I think it is just black, should be fine, I needed to burn out the weeds from the metal implements.

My nemesis!  These are the two posts that kept reigniting.  looks like they may still be burning…

Cracks and splits were the reason the fire got inside the posts so easily.

Barn lot, not a big deal, the grass was all dead.

Barn lot, fence line looks pretty good!
Backside of the barn lot, no weeds in the fence.

An occasional weed lodged in the fence escaped a fiery death.

I just didn’t get here with the cleansing fire, yet…

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