it snowed finally

Yesterday we finally got some needed snow.  Now we just need a few more feet in the mountains.

Snow, we need it, without it we are going to have a dry summer.  Here’s to hoping we get several feet in the mountains in the upcoming months.  Hard to believe our first snow was mid January, incredibly late for us.  The weather is definitely changing. 

We purchased a scanner designed for all kinds of negatives after Christmas and Annmarie has been scanning in the old negatives we found in the attic when we cleaned it up.  We found four more pictures of this house.  One of them is of the farm before the main house was built, so prior to 1910.  We also found a letter from one of her relatives written in 1896.  She spent the weekend scanning in negatives, so far over 170 have been scanned in.  I will try and get one on the blog occasionally.  Some of them are fabulous!   After looking at the old photos of the farm, I realized how important some of the bland landscape and building pictures are for comparison.  To us it is the same view, but in fifty years someone else may be looking at them and living in our home.  They might want to see what it used to look like and why things were changed.  We found a company that will print our blog (with pictures) as a book.  So we are going to have each year printed as a separate book.  It would have been incredible if we could have found a written diary of the previous owners, but we didn’t.  Therefore, we are going to create one for future generations.

I feel 100% finally.  Sucks to lose half my vacation to illness, I didn’t get the spare bedroom completed.  Which means I will have to keep after it over the next month.  All the inside house work needs to be done by early spring so I can hit the barn early.  The barn is a huge project and it is going to take me at least six months.

Farmall tractor

That really is the moon in the upper left corner.

Last winter for the barn roof to have a huge hole.

More fire issues, I was very careful to make sure this rock crib did not catch on fire, too hard to build.

Something dug under my chicken yard fence!  Annmarie just found this, I filled it with rocks and will watch for further activity.

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