Ghost Truck

First green egg of the year.

Color on the walls, still need to pull down dividing paint tape.

I came home this evening to the headlights of the old wheat truck lighting up the driveway.  I happened to be on the phone with Annmarie and told her I thought her brother was finally out working on the truck.  I promptly forgot about it and went out to the barn to do the feeding chores.  When I came out of the barn Annmarie had a flashlight and was telling me that no one had turned on the headlights.  They magically turned themselves on and when I opened the door I could not get them to turn off.  Now mind you, when I was getting hay I couldn’t get the headlights to work!  I had to disconnect the battery to get the lights to turn off.  So now the truck needs brakes and a new light switch. 

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