Another lamb succesfully sold

Child with Zeke (wife taught him to sit on furniture)

We sold another lamb and the processing guy came today and took him away.  In a couple of weeks our customer will have grass fed lamb ready for the dinner table.  I came home early to seperate out the sheep and get boy #3 in our holding pen.  I wanted a live weight on him so I spent five minutes chasing him around in the barn before wrangling him and carrying him to the scale.  He weighed 85#.  I let him go and he ran back to join everyone else.  I then spent another 10 minutes sorting him into the holding pen.  Zeke tried to help me sort the sheep in the holding pen, but he got rolled again by one of the Baker ewes.  He held his own this time, snapped and barked back.  He is getting wiser and more mature.  He did run out of the holding pen and would not come back.  He is scared to go through the sheep side of the barn.  After getting ambushed on multiple occasions he has learned to be leery of enclosed spaces with lots of animals. I had to bribe him three times to get him to run through an empty room.  He scrambles up the haystack like a champ now.  I now tell him we are going to “work” when we go out to work with the sheep.  He already knows the times we take care of the animals and waits by the door for us.  He gets anxious if we don’t go out on time.

We found the body of that missing lamb buried in the bedding.  I moved the body near the opening so I could take it up to the bone yard in the afternoon.  When I went out to feed this evening it was gone!  I know a cat didn’t take it the thing weighed the same as a cat.  Amazing how things just disappear and reappear. 

Computer stand made out of scrap pile.

Annmarie wanted our computer monitor to sit a little higher on the desk. She wanted me to make an upside U.  I thought about it, looked at the monitor which sits on three legs, and made a boomerang shaped shelf.  It works great!  I am still amazed at how much can be accomplished with a table saw, compound miter saw and table top sander.  It took me an hour to dig around, find some right size scraps, cut them to length, sand them and screw em together.  Job accomplished and wife is happy. 

Only time the computer desk will be clean.

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