Lamb Update

Good news – when I went out for the second time this morning, the lamb was up and eating and looking much stronger than when I was out first thing.  I think he’s (generic pronoun) going to make it just fine.  This is an experienced ewe who is a very attentive mother.  We’ll let them settle in for a few days and then do a gender check.  This, however, is the tiniest lamb we’ve had.  I know we keep saying that, but this time I mean it.  The span between his front and back legs is only as long as my hand is wide, about 4 inches.  As a frame of reference, the slats in the photo are a standard pallet stood on edge.  He’s not even as tall as the second slat up.  Last night he kept getting between the layers of the back pallet because the bottom slat on that one is missing, and he’d get in there, and then get his head up because he was looking for food and couldn’t figure out to put his head level with his shoulders so he could come out.  But, he’s much more stable on his feet today, so I’m hopeful.  For now, momma and baby are confined to the barn until he gets bigger.

On a side note – the rest of the sheep are out on the back hillside.  Remember those rail road ties that Steve burned earlier?  Each and every one of them that was afire is no longer connected to the ground.  They essentially burned off at ground level and are now hanging from the wire.  Since the railroad ties are supposed to provide the stability to keep the fence tight, that arrangement does not make for a sheep-secure fence.  He’s planning to repair fence this week.

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