Farm 0, Predators 1

Sarah came home from school this week and found a dead hen chicken on our front porch.  Zeke was laying on the porch watching the chicken.  The cats were trying to eat it.  Something had ripped out a huge chunk of its breast.  We figure Zeke found it and brought it back to the porch (he is always dragging unwanted stuff to the front porch).  We checked Zeke all over for blood and didn’t find any on him.  We still think it is an unwanted predator, so yesterday I purchased some 58 grain varmit bullets for a .243.  When they get here I will get Sarah to reload them and then I am going to have to take some time to go kill some coyotes.  I saw three coyotes last week during daylight hours on our back hillside. 

Well our front screen door finally fell apart.  The hinges were literally torn apart over the last four years by the wind.  I had to take it down today as it would no longer close.  I am going to use the two windows in the screen for the barn.  I also managed to wire in the back porch light today.  Near freezing temperatures do not make for an easy wiring job.  My poor fingers were numb and aching by the time I got it working.  Should have done it last summer.

We are on the lookout for a flat bed trailer, 16 feet long, dual axle with a 2 inch hitch, and pockets for 2×4 stakes so I can build racks.  We can get a couple ton of hay on it and then with racks I can haul the sheep to sale.  We realize that the sale is at least next year, but we currently have 21 ewes and our goal is around 30-35.  With them having twins every 8 months and us selling them around the 10-12 month mark, we could have over a 100 at a time easily.   I just don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a trailer.  So the feelers are out and I am watching craigslist all the time, so far no real good deals. 

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