More digging

I had another picture of the barn lot, but the stupid camera didn’t memorize it.  Sometimes, I know gremlins exist.  I went out and dug for another three hours today.  This morning at 0400 I tried to roll out of bed to pee and thought I was going to die.  Every muscle above my waist was screaming at me to lay back down, but my bladder was louder than the rest.  I made it out of bed.  After taking Zeke to the vet and running some errands I was feeling better and decided that the digging would not complete itself magically.  I decided to go to the other end of the barn and work my way back towards the middle for a change of pace.  I learned that some maintenance has been done to the barn.  The floor in the first 16 feet of the barn has been replaced at one time.  It is laid out differently than the rest of the floor and has a separate crossbeam support structure.  I realize that may seem germane but it means I have to dig two separate paths almost 20 feet under the barn to get to the newer supports!  This sucks mightily. 

Start of my twenty foot path under the barn,

Those are 16 inch beams running North to South.  The rest of the barn the supports run East to West.  On this end of the barn I have found four posts that do not even touch the ground.   Amazing since the barn has sunken almost a foot on this end.  I would have expected them to be touching the ground by now.  I did go buy another rake today.  It was much easier in places using the rake. 

No wonder this part of the barn sunk down. 

They also just kind of tucked the support beam next to the outer support beam.  So there are two different beams on a single rock.  Going to make it painful to jack these all up at the same time. I fired up the tractor and spread more dirt out.  It looks like the whole lot is getting flatter and more dirt, but it could be my imagination.  Once I get all the digging done I will replant some pasture grass in the lot.  We will have to lock the sheep and horses out.  I am not sure how I am going to keep the chickens from eating all my seed while it is trying to germinate. 

Very left corner of the barn. 

The front left corner of the barn didn’t even have a post under it.  You had to look under the barn a couple of feet to find the first post.  I have to dig alongside all  those rocks under the barn.

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