Life goes on.

Lots of things to catch up on.  Annmarie has deemed my work on the upstairs bedroom incomplete.  The barn is taking precedence and she says I never finish my winter project until late spring any ways.  That means the spare room is not getting done before summer.  I vacuumed and washed the walls and floor today, we rolled out a couple of rugs and I am going to screw in all the outlets and put covers over them so people cannot stick their finger into them.  We are going to set the spare bed back up and I will keep a gate over the entrance so the animals cannot get into the room.  This should keep the floor pretty clean so I can jump right back in this winter.  I took the small shop vac up into the attic and vacuumed up about 60 wasps/yellow jackets buzzing around the attic.  I took up one trap and need to set up another.  They are coming in at the peak of the roof.  I don’t mind them in the attic but we have killed five in the house.  It may be time to bug bomb the attic.  I want to give the traps a chance and see if they can take care of the stinging pests first.

I came home the other day and Zeke had black and white feathers all over the yard at his feet.  I thought he had killed one of my chickens!  So I took a feather and smacked him on the nose with it and told him bad dog.  Turns out he found a wing of a dead bird and drug it to the house.  I think they are turkey feathers, but I have never killed a wild turkey so I am not sure.  I was very glad that he didn’t kill a chicken.  Damn dog is all over the place.  I am giving him a bath three times a week and today I had to hose the mud off his legs twice.  He has started digging in the yard now when he is on the run.  I realize he is bored, but he cannot terrorize the sheep while we are gone.  Considering he sneaked off this evening and we caught him chasing the sheep around on the hillside.  He has the sheep so spooked they start moving when he is 50 yards away.  He will go down now even when is way out there.  Our down command is to lay and stay.  I still cannot point left or right yet and get him to go that direction to herd the sheep in the direction I want not the one he wants.

I went and picked up the new trailer tonight!  It pulled great, could hardly tell it was hooked up to the pickup.  I am all ready to start picking up supplies for the barn.  I will start on Friday with the local mill and then next week drop off the mule (four wheeler) for repairs and pick up some more wood.  Hopefully, I can get all the big errands done next week.  Somewhere in there I will have to create some racks for the trailer.  I am going to make some low two foot racks all the way around then some four foot racks that slip on top, giving me a six foot high enclosure.  I will run a few chains across the top to hold the sides in.  Still planning the design in my head.

The thistles are starting to make a strong come back.  This weekend hopefully it will not rain so we can spray them and get them stopped before they get huge.

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