New trailer Farmerized.

Wood for barn siding and part of floor, notice flat tire and mounted spare in spare holder keeping trailer off ground.

My poor brand new trailer.  Lets preface this by saying the passenger side mirror doesn’t stay in place, it moves around in the wind.  I went and picked up the trailer Tuesday night.  I forgot to mention that on the way home that night I had to swerve to miss a very large dog standing in the middle of the highway.  I couldn’t swerve too much as I was towing the trailer.  When I looked back in my side mirror the dog was still standing.  Now mind you it was facing 180 degrees opposite of when I went past in the vehicle.  I just took that as an odd coincidence.  Come on, the dog was still standing!!  When I woke up the next morning and was going to work I noticed the dent in the driver side fender of the brand new trailer.  Damn dog. 

Burned paint off and made a bubble in metal from friction.

Today, I went to go pick up lumber for the barn.  I got 4500 bf of lumber at a total weight of 7500 pounds.  The trailer is rated for 7000 pounds.  I was going to go the back roads home (all gravel and not traveled) so I thought I would be safe.  About half way home I started to have traction issues in the pickup.  Then I started to notice the squeaking noise coming from the driver side trailer.  It sounded like a wheel bearing going bad on my brand new trailer.  About 4 miles from home I started to notice the smoke coming from the driver side tire on the trailer.  1 mile from the house I noticed sparks flying from the tire well on the drivers side.   I stopped to open the gate into the barn lot and just about could not get the trailer to pull in next to the barn.  I parked and looked on the passenger side.  The rear tire on the trailer was flat.  The spare tire was hitting the ground occasionally, keeping the rear of the trailer from dragging on the road. The driver side rear tire had been rubbing on the wheel well, burned the paint right off.

Dent in front fender from dog in road. 

My whole load had shifted back two feet.  Too much weight on the back half of the trailer, dire consequences.  I am hoping that I only ruined the tire, not the rim, not the brakes, nothing else.  Nothing is ever easy.  Annmarie helped me unload half the trailer today and Sarah and I will finish it tomorrow so I can have the trailer tire looked at.  I am always amazed at how wrong things continue to happen. 

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