New Ram

New Katahdin cross ram.

I listed Lucky for sale today on Craigslist.  As I was double checking the listing I noticed that someone in Pendleton was listing a Katahdin X ram for the same price.  I messaged that person, who responded right back.  She liked the look of Lucky (was wanting to add more color to her flock) and was willing to trade straight across.  Just like that, four hours later she was out here trading rams.  The new ram is an off white color and a little smaller than Lucky.  He was being fed in a pen, dry hay only.  In a few weeks we will see how he looks after getting adjusted to all the green grass he can eat.  She looked at our camel backed ewe and we opted for another trade!  She has a 1 month old lamb that once it is weaned we will swap for the camel ewe.  All in all it worked out well. 

Zeke, getting ready to chase the sheep. 

I had to give the new ram some probiotics before turning him loose.  I managed to chase him into the loading chute (he is not near as tame as Lucky) and was trying to catch him.  I caught a horned head just below the ribs on my right side when we dived at each other and he leaped into the air.  Damn sheep.  This is the number one reason we will not own any sheep that weigh over 150#.  Once he got his probiotics we turned him loose and I went to chase the sheep back into the same area. Zeke ran around while I stood on the hillside and hollered.  Zeke pushed the sheep to the wrong gate.  So I had to go open the gate, while I was doing that Zeke decided to exert his dominance on the new ram.  He ran over and jumped on the ram, harassing him until we called him off.  He is a firm believer in getting the upper hand early now.  The ram did not want to back down.  I expect they will go a few rounds before Zeke establishes dominance.

I am still looking for a 2 horse trailer so we can pickup the cows.  I just need to borrow one for a single day.  Everyone has a gooseneck.  Stupid problem to have. 

The chickens were definitely hiding eggs from me, 25 chickens laid 20 eggs today.  There is one chicken who got out of the pen and is now wandering around trying to get back in tonight.  She will figure it out or someone is going to have a snack this night. 

Mika, in the orchard.

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