Beautiful day.

The weather was fantastic today, not too hot or cold and the sun was shining.  I went out and sprayed weeds for 4 hours to start off the day.  My little 2.5 gallon hand sprayer got a work out!  I upped the concentration of the chemicals a little more than last time.  Some weeds didn’t die the first time around.  I was trying to go low and it did not work out well.  I think I have one more patch of stinging nettles still to spray.  The Mule (four wheeler) is getting fixed in the shop still, it needed a new motor.  Once it is done I will rig the boom sprayer up on it again and then I can spray the bottoms and hillside.  An acre is a square approximately 70 yards to a side.  I had to figure that out so I would know how much spray to put on an acre.  So in a couple of weeks I will have to spray again.  I really want to get on top of the weeds this year.  I can already see the difference on our front hillside.  The weeds are vanishing. 

I crawled up on the barn roof today to see if I could salvage any thing from the roof that blew over.  I was hoping to salvage the main supports.  Not happening, they are all busted up or cracked.  So I am going to have to yard it off with the tractor, break it up and burn it.  Not good for anything.  Unfortunately, those 2×6 boards are 20 feet long.  Not as easy to come by as they used to be.  I am going to check out the supports from the grainary roof and see if I can retask them to serve as the new roof supports. 

I found the chicken’s hiding spot out in the barn.  I had been looking every where but could not find it, and actually, I did not find it, Zeke did.  They are laying on the stray under a tarp.  I found 30 eggs in the nest.  I had to throw them all out as they could have been a couple of weeks old.  Now that I know they are laying there we will check it every day.

I put in two more supports pillars under the barn today.  Only one left, the bad news is I have broken one cross beam (so warped when I straightened the main beam it broke), the two next to it are cracked.  So now I have to shore up the beams with another three beams.  2×8 inch beams only 10 feet long, so not hard to find or fit in. 

I tried to attach the post hole auger to the tractor yesterday.  It would not fit.  The hydraulic arms were too far apart.  I called the dealer and they put me off and left a message for the salesmen.  I called again today to talk with the salesman and one of the parts guys explained to me how to fix the problem (I had to let out some slack in the swing of the hydraulic arms).  I mounted the auger and promptly drove over to use it.  The first hole was carefully done, I slowly lowered the auger.  The second hole I tried to power down the auger and broke a connector bolt (fails on purpose so the shaft is not damaged).  I only managed to get two holes dug before I broke it.  Now I need to get a handful of those bolts to keep on hand.  Learning the hard way…

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