Barn floor

I went out to the barn to start working on the floor.  I had to put some supports in the wall first and then worked on the four foot wide pathway.  I got five feet covered and screwed down.  I am leaving 1/4 inch gap between every board.  I was going to but them against each other, but decided some air circulating was needed.  I covered a whopping 20 square feet in 1.5 hours.  After measuring the floor it is 22 feet wide and around 60 feet (I didn’t measure it going off old measurements I remember) long.  This means I have 1320 square feet of floor to recover.  In other words I did 1.5% of the total floor in 1.5 hours.  So the floor alone is going to take me 100 hours! Or in real time 2.5 weeks of 40 hour weeks.  This sucks.  I have windows, doors, a new front and roofing to do.  My help starts in two weeks and he is going to be mostly for the roof.  I am going to have him tearing down buildings so I can get the roof up and in place.  I need to pick up the pace!  Unfortunately, I need to mow and spray weeds before I can devote some serious time to the barn.  So here is to hoping I can squeeze in some barn time.  I may just end up working on it every night for couple of hours after dinner, at that rate it would only take me two months to finish the floor.  This is going to be a long summer.

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