Predators Beware!

Spring weather.

It was another long day today.  I was up twice in the night thinking I heard a chicken in distress.  The first time was around 0100.  I jumped up, ran over to the window and listened for any further ruckus.  No more noise so I went back to bed.  Around 0410, I heard the death squawk of a chicken, I leaped out of bed and ran around the bedroom looking for my glasses and some pants.  I eventually found both and ran downstairs for the shotgun.  I know have a light and laser attached to the shotgun so I turned those both on and ran outside in my slippers.  I spotted a cat running outside the coop, but no predators.  The automatic chicken door was closed and when I did a head count there were 22 hens and 1 rooster.  Which means I lost another hen earlier in the week, but Zeke had found that body.  I came back in and was unable to go back to sleep. 

Barn in the evening.

When I got home today we set up the infrared remote chicken camera.  It will transmit to a base receiver remotely and can see in the dark!  We tried to get the auto record to work, but the chickens running around on the ground would not trigger it to record, so we set it to record every night from 2300-0500.  This way if I hear a chicken squawk, I can just get out of bed and look at the monitor.  No predator = more sleep.  Way cooler than scrambling for clothes and running out into the cold half dressed.  The camera only transmits 100 feet or we could use it in the barn for the sheep.  The other problem is it requires power.  There is not any power in the barn.  Good thought though, may keep this in mind as the receiver will take four cameras and cycle between them.  I am ready tonight for any predators.  I will set the live trap also before I go to bed. 

Dexter cows.

The weather is awful, rainy and the wind is blowing.  The cheet grass is heading out and needs to be mowed.  The weeds need to be sprayed again.  The chicken coop needs to be dug out so we can get some more babies.  The crap pile outside the barn still needs to be moved so we can work on the outside of the barn.  Lots of stuff to do. 

Booties for sale.

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