"It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt".

Earlier in the week I was out at the barn and noticed a new momma and her baby hanging out by the barn (ewe#13).  Turns out there were twins, a boy and a girl.  I thought they had just been born that morning as Annmarie had not said anything over the weekend.  Once she came home and looked at the babies it was decided that they were several days old.  The mother had been hiding and sheltering them from our view.  We kept them separated for a couple of days and then let them out into the orchard with the herd and the horses.  Two days later Annmarie had to remove the horses as they were harassing the babies and both of the babies were limping.  This morning when Annmarie was out moving sprinklers in the orchard, Zeke tore off after the sheep.  The momma ewe refused to give any ground and Zeke tore into her.  He cut her side and nose in two places before Annmarie got over there and called him off.  The dog doesn’t even get to pee now without a command!  He is on total lockdown and we are now looking for a trainer for him (and me…).  We may have found one today while helping out at the local swim team meet.  We will see. 

Mr. President worked today on removing the hog/sheep dung pile so we can put the siding back on the old lamb shed.  He got it all cleaned up and ready for new siding!  I spent a couple of hours screwing down the roof supports.  I also went and picked up all the roof cross braces today.  Unfortunately, the weed spraying is going to take priority of my time this weekend.  Tomorrow morning we are going to go see the sheep dog trials at the local Caledonian days.  After that, it is fixing the sprayer to attach it to the mule so I can kill some weeds.  On Sunday, I think we may be able to start in on the roof again.  I would like to get all the braces in place and lay up the tin we currently have.  Next week, Mr. President starts tearing the roof off of the granary. 

I need to get the roof done so I can work on the sheep jugs so we have a place to put those new babies and mommies.  After that, I need to make four feeders for the winter.  Annmarie also said that our bee hive swarmed over the weekend.  This means they sent out a queen bee and about 2/3 of the hive to live someplace else.  The hive was still active today.  Looks good for us getting some honey out of it this fall. 

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