Weed killing machine.

Bees swarming

Hanging out waiting for reports.

 I just saw these pictures of the bee swarm.  I kinda wish I had seen it in person.  Looks pretty cool.  No go on the sheep dog trials today.  We drove over there and could not find any thing so we stopped at a coffee shop to get directions (and coffee).  Wrong weekend, next weekend is the big event.  Instead, we took some back roads home and did our in town shopping.

Once at home I dug in to converting the mule from a mild mannered four wheel transport device to a Weed Killing Nemesis.  I knew this was going to necessitate several trips to the hardware store.  Yep, I managed to get it together and working in two trips, but still need one more trip in the morning to get the last two U-bolts.  I had to rewire the the switch and add in all new wires.  The old ones got ripped off.  I added some wire tires with premade loops and ran all the wires through them to keep them in place and not rubbing on the metal.  I had to add another ground wire while I was at it.  The boom has 8 spray nozzles on it and I replaced four of them.  Amazingly, when I flipped the switch the sprayer came right on.  I added some pressure treated 2x4s on each side and bolted those in place.  This creates a support that I was able to bolt the sprayer arms

Repaired mule ready to be transformed

Weed Killing machine

onto.  I also added in a piece of 2×6 to hold the sprayer tank in place so it doesn’t bounce around in the bed of the mule.  I was going to store all the chemicals in the back of the mule.  But after further thought decided this was unnecessary as I have to fill up with water every time I need new chemicals in the tank.  I will just stage the chemicals next to the hose I plan on using to fill the tank.  Tomorrow I spray the whole place.  I just hope the wind doesn’t blow.

Mr. President almost finished with the hog pile of poop.  I went up today and spent a little time cleaning it all up away from the building.  He will still need to pick up the last of the pile.  After tomorrow it will be all done.  I am going to have him work on the other two piles after that.  I need to spray then we can work on the roof again.  I need to kill a lot of star thistle.

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