Fencing deferred really?

The raw dirt section is going to get fenced in for the sheep.


The barn does smell better now.  There is still a little residual skunk smell, but that should pass in a few more days.  Yesterday I really needed to get out and fill the rock cribs with rocks, but I just could not make myself.  Instead I used the box blade and flattened out the area in front of the barn so it is ready for some new fence. I found about 10 buried concrete 1 ft square blocks and one 2×3 foot block a foot thick.  The blocks extended quite a ways out from the barn.  I am not sure what they had built, but it stuck way out from the barn and was on concrete pads.  This took me about two hours to flatten out.  I still need to move some of that close fence but at this point I need to get this outer fence up before I rip any inner fence down.  I need something to contain the animals.  I keep hoping my part time helper will finish his other tasks so he can help me.  I have pretty much planned out the new section of fence.

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