Fencing mandatory.

Yesterday I spent most of the day fencing.  Now in reality I did not touch any fencing tools I just picked rocks off the hillside, for those souls who think I work too hard I did use the tractor.  I had this big plan to clear out all the rocks on the hillside near the rock cribs.  There were these rocks sticking up about eight inches above ground that were in the road, I decided to remove them first.  There was a reason they were still in the road.  Some of those rocks were over 100 pounds each.  I had to hit them several times with the box blade before using the bucket to lift them out of their respective holes.  Seven hours later I had all six rock cribs filled and only 2400ft sq cleared of rocks.  I need to clear ten acres of rocks, it is going to take some time.

I came into the home exhausted and just wanted to eat then shower.  We were sitting at the dinner table waiting for the biscuits to go into the oven when our nephew came and told us the sheep were out and across the street.  We all went down to the corner with Zeke.  Annmarie and Zeke pushed them across the road then Monica and I pushed them into the barn lot.  We put them in the ram pasture and I had every intention of getting to the fence eventually.  They were out again this morning.  I spent three hours lowering the fence in the orchard.  I fixed a 150 foot section.  Three more posts need to be placed before I can finish the last section of fence in the orchard.  I really need to get the panels back onto the barn so they don’t sneak past.  If I had the new fence by the barn completed, sheep sneaking out  would not have mattered.  The sheep are back in the orchard.

I spent an hour scrubbing sheep manure off of thirty year old buckets this afternoon.  They looked pretty good after I was done.  The girls will still have to spray everythings with bleach this weekend to give it the final sterilization.

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