November update

Things have been hectic here and I have not had the drive to keep up on the blog.  This is my attempt at rectifying that situation.  Truly not a lot happened in November.  The rain came and our mild weather allowed all the pasture to green back up.  A nice change which let us stop feeding the animals for most of the month. 

We moved the baby chicks out to the chicken coop the day before Thanksgiving.  They were starting to smell like chickens in the house.  They have done great.  None have died.  I will definitely order from that company again. I replaced the fuse in the automatic chicken door.  It only moved 1/2 inch before the fuse blew again.  I am going to have to email the gentleman who built it again.  Not sure why I keep having so much trouble.  We still have 17 hens and 1 rooster with 27 babies.  Currently we are getting around 6-7 eggs/day.  More chickens are needed to cover all the customers that are not getting eggs.

Doug and I tagged the two boy sheep, the new baby(#19) and our ram(#18).  The ram was kinda skinny which I thought was odd but he seemed fine.  Last week we had to put him down, he was so weak he could not stand.  We cannot afford for a sick animal to make the rest of the herd ill. In a couple of months I will have to get another ram. 

We didn’t do a wood project this year.  I was just too beat.  So the girls, Doug and I worked on painting the breeze porch.  The girls washed the walls on one half and then we primed and put the first coat of paint on.  It is a boring white paint with 87% light reflectivity.  It is amazingly brighter in that half of the room. We don’t really have any plans to finish the breeze porch any time soon, I was just getting tired of the four different colors of paint.  Annmarie and I thinking about just sheeting the walls with 1/4 inch plywood then decoupaging maps all over them.  This project has a low priority but it is nice to have a plan.  The white just cleans the room up and makes it brighter.  My plants will love it!

Other half of breeze porch to be painted.  Lovely color scheme.

We have not had any new baby lambs since the last one.  Soon, very soon from the look of the ewes. 

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