Chicken coop woes

Wind damage

Breeze porch, ceiling still needs second coat of paint.

The other day Mother Nature let it be known that I had chicken coop issues.  In the middle of the night the wind started to howl.  Annmarie checked our weather station and we recorded winds over 60 MPH.  The next day when Sarah went to get eggs it was discovered that my wall was trying to blow over.  The door acted like a kite and it blew over this wall.  I don’t have the posts very far into the ground as I couldn’t dig them very far.  I will have to put up a board between the coop and wall and then a cable tightening the two together.  Once that is done I will probably set both those posts in concrete.  Otherwise they just will not stay now that they have been loosened. 
This is a priority but with my schedule that means next week at the earliest. 

I did manage to get a second coat of paint onto the breeze porch walls.  I ran out of paint before I could finish the ceiling.  The walls completed will let me reinstall the lights and thermostat.  I will have to pick up another gallon of paint and a gallon of primer.  The old primer was hard to mix and kinda curdled.  Time for it to go away.  Trouble is it takes forever to dry out in the winter.  It has to be dry before you can throw it in the trash. 

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