Rock wall eventually…

Back hillside, eventual lower rock wall.

 I have started my workout plan again.  I am building a rock wall on the back hillside.  I have a hard time exercising when I don’t get any thing out of it.  This way I workout and get a rock wall!  A twofer! The only real problem is I had a partial wall left over from ages ago and I want to move the rocks down the hillside.  Some of the rocks weigh 200-300 pounds and when they start to roll there is no stopping them.  I already have one down in the creek that I need to chain up and pull out with the tractor.  It took off and I could not stop it. 

Back hillside, eventual upper rock wall.

I dig a flat spot in the hillside and roll the rocks down to the flat spot.  I want to get the wall started so I can start leveling the road on the other side of the fence and use that dirt to fill in my terraces.  Plus, there will be lots of rocks when I start working on the road.  I want a double terrace at a minimum.  There is a far section of the hillside where I might add a third terrace.  On the positive side I will not run out of rocks.  The back hillside is covered with them and these puny little rock walls will not use them all up.  I want the walls to be about four feet high.  This is a long term project that I just whittle away at whenever I get a chance.  I usually only spend 30-60 minutes on it at a time.  You can see our weather station mounted on the back fence.  It has recorded wind speeds of up to 60 mph.  Unfortunately, the back hillside doesn’t get as much wind as the front porch.  We are thinking about installing a second weather station down near the front creek over in the ram pasture.

Upper hay doors now latched, take that wind!

One of the consequences of cleaning out my tools from the barn so that Annmarie can have her tack room is the tools have to go somewhere.  That somewhere is the empty floor space in the old house.  You can walk in the front door and stare at the mess now.  So next week the girls and I will go out and organize and clean up the old house.  I have two new spaces, drawers and a huge new toolbox (used) to fill so I just need to sort everything and find it a home.

Old house, tools from the barn.

The old house is quickly moving up on the priority list.  It keeps settling or the concrete blocks keep crumbling.  My vote is on the concrete blocks.  I need to jack it up and relevel the whole house.  Probably, take me about five days to get it all done.  Once that is completed then I can rip out the center wall and start wiring the house with 220v and 110v for the wood shop. 

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