Machine shop progress

Machine shop Southern exposure getting some metal siding.

Tack room completed.

Donna is getting our end of the machine shop covered in tin.  She is doing a side at a time. 
My nephew came over today and helped me out.  We finished putting up the first layer of siding.  I have been putting a few pieces on whenever time allows, but I have to have help.  Someone has to hold up the board while I screw it on at the top.  We put the last piece on first thing this morning but had to stop due to the high winds.  When the ladder moved with me on it I figured it was time to be done.  I still need to put a whole second layer over this one.  We figured it lasted over 100 years the first time this way. 
We moved into the barn and finished up the tack room.  We installed the boards at the ceiling height so that large wild animals could not get in.  There is no way I am going to be able to keep the mice out.  We will just keep some rat poison on the shelves so the animals cannot get to it but the mice can.  The second saddle rack was finished today and a few more hooks installed.  Gannon cleaned out all the tools from the tack room and brought over the tack.  It looks great. 

First layer completed today.

 The inside of the barn is looking good and the sheep greatly appreciate it. I also attached latches to both the sliding doors.  Annmarie talked me into just copying from her ancestors.  I cut a hole in both doors and then attached a chain on the inside to the wall.  That way you can just reach inside the hole and unlatch the door.  Works well, my holes aren’t very round but the sawzall was quick.  Just count it as operator inexperience. 


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