Barn floor weirdness.

I went out last night to feed the animals and stumbled across the barn floor over near the sheep entrance.  I figured it was just me catching my toe in the straw but for some reason I dug down into the straw with my toe and discovered a large inverted V in the floor.  Two of the tongue and groove boards pushed up about seven inches.  The odd part is it only near the center of the barn.  On the outer wall the boards are all flat against the floor.  There might have been some shifting of the supports under the barn with the leveling, new floor and new roof all over that section.  In the spring after everything dries out I will have to crawl back under the barn and see what is up.  I am not going to worry about it right now.  It is toss up on whether to work on the stairs in the barn or the attic floor in the house.  I am thinking I am going to spend a couple of months on the attic floor then move out to the barn.  The first thing to finish is painting the breezeporch.  One half is totally done and now we need to move all the furniture and dog kennels so we can clean, prime and paint (2 coats) the other side.  Plus, I still need to clean up the old house and put away my tools.  Right now I cannot find anything I need or want. 

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