Out of gas!

Well the new year is here and as always things are a happening on the farm.  We ran out of propane!  This doesn’t sound like a big deal but the hot water tank is propane, the stove is propane and all the heating in the house is propane.  We of course ran out on a Friday evening.  Annmarie had to call for an emergency fill Saturday morning.  I was of course at work.  We plugged in all six electric space heaters and attempted to keep everything thawed out.  It was a frosty 57 degrees F in the morning inside the house.   We went out for a warm breakfast at the cafe Saturday.  By the time we got back they had refilled the tank.  When it gets very cold outside we need to go on a every two week fill schedule for the propane tank.  Despite my track record of running out of propane every year, Annmarie insists I call and make the arrangements.  She reminds me frequently.  I had not done it yet… so we ran out again, five years running.  So she arranged for us to go to every 2 week fill and they are coming out and replacing our propane tank.  They are going to double its size! 

Old covering just before tearing down. 

I had built an enclosure around our old tank to keep the tree limbs from falling down and breaking the connection piping.  Today I had to rip the whole thing down so they can swap out propane tanks.  It is all ready to be changed out.  This should happen in the next two weeks.  It will be nice to not have to worry about this problem in the future.

We have a couple of bald eagles living in the area.  We have seen them several times now and I have some pictures.  The pictures are not real close ups.  I have not been that lucky yet.  Our sheep still have not had any babies yet.  They are huge and should have babies any time now. 

Bald eagle scared by the vehicle.

Annmarie updated my chicken tracker for 2013 and added my predator tracker so I can tell how many chickens I lose every year to predators. 

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