Chicken drama

Well the chickies are not even laying eggs yet and they are already dying.  I had three babies die.  Not exactly sure why.  I opened the outside door so the babies can go out into their protected yard and nothing can eat them but they have not been going out.  Some are starting to get henpecked and missing feathers on their back.  Two of the dead ones were the white chickens.  There is only one white chicken left. The speculation is the chicken waterer kept running empty because it was not on a level surface.  So I filled it and leveled it yesterday.  When I went out this morning the chickens had thrown a large portion out onto the new bedding I had just put out last night. 

I had to add a couple of 2×4 scraps to the slanted ceiling so I could install large hooks in the ceiling.  Now the food and water are hanging.  Annmarie reminded me I have the nipple waterers.  So I have three nipples in the bottom of a five gallon bucket for 23 chickens.  As long as the bucket has water this should work.  I put a bunch more wood pellets on the floor today but the chickies started to eat them.  This can kill the chickens.  So I went and got my wood chips and covered the whole floor with those on top of the pellets.  This batch of babies seem to be very stupid.  Which when talking about chickens seems like an oxymoron. 

I went out and worked on the rock wall for an hour today.  I am going to need some more dirt next.  I need to build up dirt behind the rocks so I can keep going up. It has rained for two days so it was very easy to pry the rocks out of the dirt.  We are at 4 inches of rain since we installed the rain meter.  So I am going to use 4 inches as the new comparison number so I can watch the rainfall amount over the year. 

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