Breeze porch updated for now.

Completed breeze porch South side.

 The breeze porch is painted!  It looks a ton better now that it is all one color.  The white really brightens the room and makes the holes and irregularities disappear.  I still have to macrame some new plant holders so I can clear off the table in the middle of the room.  I have hooks in front of all the windows around the room.  It will look like a jungle from outside. 

Monica had never painted before.  She didn’t realize how much prepping and time it took to get it done.  She was glad today when we moved all the furniture back in room.  Now we just have to get the white paint off the stained hallway and steps from someone stepping on paint and tracking it through the house, right foot only.  Lots of elbow grease and some nonscratch pads will take it right off.  

I have to repot most of the plants on the breeze porch to give them some more room to grow.  Annmarie and I collected the maps to go up on the walls.  I am going to store them in the attic for a couple of years until we get back to the breezeporch. 

Our number one priority for 2013 inside the house is installing a ventilation hood and fan in the kitchen. It will be a large custom number and is going to be $2-3K.  Annmarie wants me to tile the backsplash in the kitchen after that.  She is going to paint our countertops.  Outside, our priority is to spray weeds, finish barn roof and barn, plant some grass seed and work on figuring out the irrigation system and getting it operational.  Oh and fixing more fence!!

Completed north side. sitting area.

Christmas lights at night.
North side breeze porch primed, Monica had never painted before.

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