The secret

I think I may have found the secret to getting the ewes to deliver their babies.  I have to be running late.  OK – I know it doesn’t really work that way, but it certainly seems like it might.  I’ve been so good this term, all one week of it, to allow plenty of time to go out and do the morning chores, which now include feeding, since the horses have started actually licking their feeders clean.  That kind of indicates they need more food.  Anyway, all week long, I’ve allowed plenty of time to feed and deal with any babies that might appear, and can still get to campus with time to spare before my first class.  This morning, I am running a little bit late, and I have to make a stop in Pilot Rock before I head to work, so of course, what do I find? 

You guessed it, I found two lovely new lambs.  Just like the last lamb from the white ram, these two are wonderfully healthy and active and robust looking.  We are incredibly happy with this guy’s babies.  It’s too bad he wasn’t so healthy.  The lambs were so active that momma actually looked relieved to be let into a jug.  When I found them this morning, the little white one was wondering all over the place sniffing noses with everyone, while momma stood next to her sister (yes, they are both girls) and tried to call her back.  Everyone is doing well now that the available wandering space has been minimized.


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