More babies.

Third baby of the day.
Machine shop south side completed.
Second set of twins, first born this morning.

Babies are popping out every where!  I started the hot water for my coffee this morning before going out to check on the sheep.  It took me an hour to check on every one.  Crazy ewe that had twins would not go into a jug.  Both babies were crying, mom was crying but she would not go in.  I tried to catch her but she kept running away.  I finally had to chase her around the barn and flop onto her.  My flop is well perfected and since I outweigh the sheep it is a good signature move.  Not very graceful, but effective.  I had to drag her in to the jug and then she was happy.

When I came back from town, Annmarie told me there was another baby.  That makes three of the six jugs occupied with my table saw in one and the grain buckets in another.  Only one open jug left.  I went back outside and cleaned out the hay area to make room for the jug contents.  Then I spread out straw in the two, now empty, jugs.  I moved some hay around and now we are ready for three more mommas to have babies.  We want to leave them in the jug about three days to bond well with their mothers.  Longer if the lambs are not very strong.  The mommas try and keep up with the flock and the babies cannot keep up. 

I went out and wired the gate back up to create a new momma and baby area outside.  Once we move the babies from the jugs we will put them in the entrance to the tack room.  This lets us close the outside door at night and open it up during the day.  The sheep can make their own way down to the creek for water.  Carrying water sucks and we are fortunate enough to not have to do it.  Just water in the jugs for the new mothers.

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