Morning Craziness

This morning, I went out at six to feed everyone, check for new babies, and water anyone who needed it.  Last night, Sarah had told me that there were two sets of twins in with the main herd.  Steve is out of town taking a class for work, but he called last night so I asked him if he had moved the oldest lambs in with the main herd.  He said he hadn’t.  He had not related the happening from the other morning to me, but now that I’ve read that post, I’m thinking that the ewes snuck in with their babies and didn’t get noticed in all the chaos.  Everyone is doing fine, so all is well.  In addition to the lamb that Zeke found, we have another set of new twins in the jugs.  I heard them hollering yesterday morning when I let the dogs out at five, and found them both still wet and wobbly.  Momma was not as attentive as I would have liked, but that is why they spend the first few days in a jug.  She has now adapted, and the babies are doing fine.  

Everyone is now getting fed morning and night.  If I don’t feed the cows in the morning, they get out into the CRP, so morning chores take a little longer, but chasing them out of the CRP was getting old.  Besides, there really isn’t much forage left, so it seems cruel to not give the something in the morning.  The other thing that is relevant to this story is that the horses are not sharing their area well when it comes to feed.  Mahogany keep chasing Meeka off the feeder so we’ve started feeding Meeka outside, just to make sure she actually gets to eat.

This is relevant because as I was feeding the cows, two of them. Went through the gate I had just come out, and found Meeka’s feed.  They settled right in, partly because Meeka had left her feed to snag the little bit I had dropped in the way to the cows’ feeder.  These two little cows did not, of course, follow me back out the gate with the last flake that was destined for their feeder, so I gave it to Meeka instead.  Now I’ve got two cows in the barnlot, and two coup outside the barnlot.  Either location is actually acceptable, but it would be better to have all four together.  I’ll fix it tonight when I have the time.

At least there weren’t any new babies to take care of.

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