London bridge falling down.

Lots and lots of babies!  I went out yesterday morning and found a set of twins mixed in with the main herd.  I had to catch the mother once I figured out who it was.  She did not want to just follow the babies into the jug.  That put two sets of twins into the jugs.  It took me two hours to catch up on all the chores.  I used the last of the hay on the North end of the barn.  I had to mix up some more grain with our new worming earth.  Sweep out that hay area (Zeke caught and killed another mouse when I was moving the hay around) and toss straw into the horse and sheep area. 

This morning I went out and opened the baby chicken door so that they can start mixing with the other chickens.  When I went out to get eggs, all the babies were in their area and not mixing with the other chickens.  I did not find a single egg.  Every nest box was full of egg shells.  Something is eating the eggs!  So we are going to train the camera on the coop entrance to see if it is a cat.  We had just gotten eggs yesterday.  This is so not acceptable.  I cannot have something eating every egg.  So now it is just a matter of catching it!

The sheep had already put themselves away.  As I was making my way to the back of the barn I spotted a mother with her nose under the back barn door.  Another lamb had slipped under the door and could not get back up into the barn!  I hurried over, grabbed the wet lamb and moved it into one of the jugs.  The momma ewe followed me right into the jug.  I shut them in and fed and watered them.  She still looked kinda fat so she may have another baby overnight.  I had to shovel more straw into the barn and lodged a 2×4 under the door.  I pulled a pallet and some tongue and groove pieces to make a step up into the barn.  In the spring I am going to make some platform steps so it will be easy to get in and out of that end of the barn.  Annmarie and I are going to tag the babies in the mother pen on Saturday so we can let them join the main herd.  Once they are in the main herd then we will let everyone out of the jugs and chase them into the mother pen for another week of isolation from the herd.  If the wayward mother doesn’t keep track of her twins then we will have to bummer her babies.  This is going to mark momma as a cull animal come summer time.  I will take a picture of everyone on Saturday.  There are an amazing amount of babies.  This is the most we have ever had at one time.  They are so cute jumping around and playing.

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