Tagging and Banding done, mostly.

Feeders I built this summer in action.

Monica Sarah and I went out last Friday and tagged all the babies.  They had gotten intermixed with the main herd again. While doing this we realized that some tag numbers had been attributed to the wrong ewes.  So we corrected that so our spreadsheet is accurate.  We tagged five babies and then banded (neutered) fourteen more.  We had a 2:1 ratio of boys to girls this year.  Kinda odd, would have guessed it would be closer to 1:1.  I had to hold off on banding the two new baby boys.  There was nothing there to rubber band.  Those mini testicles just kept slipping away.

These are all not hers, she is guarding them from the dog.

Now that the babies are born we are only feeding at night.  This works great for us and we no longer lock the sheep up in the barn at night.  They put themselves in for the night.  It is very nice. I just need the weather to turn so I can get outside and do some more fencing so the sheep can have more space to roam.

I am tired!

The winter chickens have turned out to be an epic fail.  We took another two up to the boneyard.  I now have single digits left from an initial 27 birds.  I am still getting less than 2 eggs a day out of the other 17 hens.  So it is looking like I am going to just purge chickens and basically start over.  So not very many eggs this summer and I am sure this will put me in the red for the year again.  But I need to purge early before I spend the next few months paying for feed.  Pretty disappointing. 

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