House work above.

Future attic floor.

Yesterday, I started back in on the house projects.  I had to go into the attic to find a softball mitt and ended up consolidating boxes and managed to empty four more boxes.  More room for the stuff out in the old house.  I did find the mitt!  I decided that in order to level the floor in the old house I need to empty two of the rooms.  Years ago I bought the lumber for the attic floor and it has been sitting out in the old house.  I took measurements for the floor supports and cut them all out.  Sarah and I managed to corral them all into the attic.  I have a bunch of semi-fancy drawings up there with all the measurements so I can put the pieces in the right spots.  Once I get the elevated subfloor in place, I will roll out another layer of insulation and then sheet it with 3/4 inch plywood.  I need more storage room in the attic so I can take all the household goods being stored in the old house to the attic.  I will actually go through all the boxes in an attempt to thin out what I have to finagle into the attic.  Those stairs are hard to navigate with a large heavy box. 

New floor to the left, spot where I am going to continue floor.

You can sure tell where the sheep have been eating and where they have not.   I want to get this upper hillside fenced in so we can turn the sheep loose on the hillside also.  This is one of my early spring projects.  The rock wall is starting to come around also.  I just keep plugging away at it a little bit at a time. 
Chickens continue to die.  One more was dead yesterday and a second had to be put down. Sarah just told me another was laying down on its side now so I have to go out and put it down.  This is a crazy problem.  The girls are going to dig out the baby enclosure on Saturday, sweep the walls and wire clean and then use a 10% bleach solution on everything.  We will then use the heat lamp to dry it all out.  Once that is done we will put down new bedding and I will get a dozen chicks.  In three months I will turn those loose and try to get another dozen chicks.  It may be too late, we will see.  There are not going to be any eggs from this house for sale.   

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