One day at a time.

Another day yesterday dedicated to wall.  One stone at a time…

Road completed.

The Northern side of the road is completed.  I haven’t dug into the Southern side (gate is the dividing point) yet.  The southern side just needs to be leveled.  I don’t have to dig into the hillside to make it flat.  I want the dirt from leveling the road to move it next to the rock wall.  I am going to put out some grass seed on the road bed and see how it does.  Hopefully, the chickens will leave the seed alone.  I have started planning the wall across the entire hillside and digging out the base flat spot for the base level.  I am also digging out dirt from in front of several rock bluffs to expose 8-12 inches of rock to use in the wall.  The best part of that is I don’t have to lift those rocks into place.

Tomorrow I plan on getting into the attic and working on the floor.  We need the storage space.  Our ad in the Agri Times is going to run for four issues at $10/issue.  No calls yet. 

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