Rock wall on Sunday.

More dirt so the wall can go higher.

The tractor started!  I thought I might have to charge the battery after winter but it fired right up.  Zeke and I went up on the back hillside and worked on the road for five hours.  I need him to keep guard while the upper gate is open.  No, he does not just sit by the gate, he roams all over and keeps the sheep away.  I worked on cutting into the hillside but almost every pass I had to stop, get off the tractor and throw rocks over the fence. The only good part about all the rocks is I need them for the rock wall.  I am still going

Rocks picked out of the road while leveling it.

to have to go up on the hillside and scavenge rocks regardless.  It is taking a LOT of rocks to build the wall.  Surprisingly, it is also taking a lot of dirt.  I have the compost pile and every year we are generating around 3000# of compostable straw and manure.  As I start to relevel different areas I will take off some surface dirt and use it for the hillside.  This will let me plant new grass seed in stages around the place. 

Upper road is almost completed.

more dirt.

On the plus side, this is getting me in shape.  It was a lot easier getting started this year than normal.  Working out at work for the last month has been paying off. 
We put an add in the Agri-Times for the whole month of March.  The paper prints every two weeks and gets mailed to farmers.  I am going to put an add in the nickel next month.  We are going to alternate months until we start getting some phone calls.

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