Gate progress.

Future gate sight into lower CRP field.

Monica and I went out to do some fencing.  I made it to the PGG spring extravaganza on Friday and was able to get 10-15% off on all the supplies. I have spent $925 of the $2000 fence budget.  I managed to pickup three gates, four rolls of smooth wire, 10-6 inch wooden posts, 50 metal T-posts and some large fence stapels.
Before we could go out I told Monica to put on some blue jeans.  She ran around the house and came down stairs without jeans on.  I questioned her attire and she responds with “I don’t have any

Corner future gate.

Corner future gate.

clean jeans”. I laughed and told Annmarie obviously I wasn’t getting through. We found some clean jeans for her to wear outside and fence in. We dug holes and set posts all day long. The corner we tore out with the tractor and changed it to a 45 degree angle.  It was miserable outside, cold and the wind was blowing all day.  I still need to put in all the “H” parallel posts in and tighten the posts together.  Then I can restretch the fence, install some sheep fence and this little section will be done.  Nice thing is I have all the supplies for this section of fence.  I saw a whole load of woven wire going to the metal scrap yard last week.  All I would have needed for the entire summer.  So I went over on Friday to buy a ton (2000#) of wire.  Nope, they had crushed it all!  They are cleaning up the whole yard and getting ready to build a shop. 

Corner torn out and posts in place.

Posts in the ground and gate wired in place.

Again, the tractor came through in spades.  We attached the post hole auger and drilled the post holes.  It takes 6-10 minutes to dig some holes but there is no way I could do it in that time by hand.

So now I have to run over and load up on roofing tin before they crush it all.  I am ready for summer after that.  Unfortunately, it snowed yesterday and the wind is howling so spring is not quite here yet. 

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