How do you measure progress?

I spent around three hours Tuesday fencing.  The weather was overcast and cold.  One of those days were you never sweat, never really get shivering cold but cannot seem to stay warm, almost perfect fencing weather.  I went back to the gate area and concentrated on the right hand side.  I installed one H brace on my 45 degree corner and tightened it with a diagonal wire.  I then tightened the old fence to the new posts.  Luckily, there were some old cedar posts in the pile of fencing that I pushed away from the corner earlier with the tractor.  I dug a few posts out, cut them shorter with the sawzall (truly an all purpose fencing tool) then used an old shake roofing axe to split the posts lengthwise to use as wooden fence stays.

I have had to stop using the metal stays, as the cows and horses push on the top wire and bend them.  Now I save all posts, split them and use them as stays.  The best part is the stays only need to be about 4 feet long.  Which is great for rotten posts, I just cut the rotten part off and it makes the perfect length for a stay.  I stopped earlier in the week at the local fence building company and asked for a quote on 500 wooden stays.  I haven’t heard back yet.

I have a little bit of the woven wire left to patch.  It gets a hole and i just randomly wrap wire across the hole until it is covered.  It looks like a drunk metal spider attempted to build a web and then passed out midjob.  It does keep the sheep in.  All in all I finished 50 feet of fencing and only have 1 mile left!

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